Quite a number of basketball enthusiasts engage in betting not only as a way of making huge amount of money but also as a fun thing to do. Well, if you are a novice in basketball betting world, it is high time that you familiarize yourself with the different kinds of bets found in basketball.

While you may obviously not use all the basketball bets available on sites like 농구 경기 일정, it would be vital to have a thorough understanding of the bets to guarantee that you are not leaving free money on the table. A number of these bets will be available despite the league that you are betting on. Placing an odd bet does not guarantee you the surety of the game. You need to be smart on the bets that you are placing. You may therefore need to come up with a good analyses and some tricks to place the best bet to win the game.


Below is a clear guide on the types of basketball bets that are available.

  1. Game totals

This type of bet is typically known as the over/under. The main goal here is to ensure that all sides of the battle is appealing to the odd makers. This bet is commonly applied to the total cumulative score of the game.

Most of the odds for this bet are kept where the bookmakers perceive that they can gain enormous returns.


  1. Points spread

The bet encompasses betting both sides at -110 which implies that you should bet $110 to win $100.The disparity of both teams is made up of handicap points.

Depending on the laid odds, you are advised to bet for the underdogs because of the handicap available. This type of bets tend to agitate people at first but once you have a general idea of how they work, it becomes easy to win the game.

Here is a great video that explains it in detail:


  1. Parlays

For you to get a payout in this kind of bet, choose two or more sides on the teams that have high probability of winning. Interestingly, the more teams you add on the parlay, the higher the payout.

This bet is highly proposed to those bettors who believe in the idea of multiple contests for promising payouts rather than betting for individual teams.

Basketball betting is among the sports betting that has dominated United States. It is not only a simple game to engage in but one of the safe games that you may need to enjoy. It is an active game that will keep you engaged throughout as you also keep your body fit. Whether you are an amateur or a professional in basketball betting, it is fundamental to also understand the different basketball bets before wagering.