Online Poker: Tournaments Vs. Cash Games, Which One Is More Profitable?

If you are a poker player, you might be at crossroads regarding whether poker games or tournaments are best for making a profit. This is something many players ask themselves when starting to play poker. It is realistic to make money playing cash games, but it is also possible to win big when playing tournaments in online poker. Many people choose to specialize in just one of the two disciplines, while some may choose to play both formats. Here we analyze both poker formats to determine which one is more profitable. There are pros and cons on both poker tournaments and cash games



If you aim to get big scores every once in a while, you might consider playing the tournament format. They are more comfortable for beginners to learn, and anyone can enter a tournament and receive chips to play with. Players in the tournaments start with the same amount of chips before blinds begin to increase at regular intervals. The poker tournaments will require more commitment when playing than the cash games to win. There are real money payouts when you win everybody else’s chips.

However, the winnings can be inconsistent in a tournament format. You have to rely on luck to get high winnings from this game of poker. This means tight players may not fare better to make profits with real money found in the top 3 in the tournament. Instead, you have higher chances of winning large from the tournament if you are aggressive enough and show consistency. Therefore, tournaments are fun, but you will lose more money before learning to make profits.


Cash games

Cash games are the primary form of poker but way harder to play than tournaments for beginners. You play by exchanging cash for chips and playing for real money, played as a fixed limit or no limit. The chips in front of you represent real money, and you play intending to win more chips. Cash games offer fewer demands on time, and commitment and the winnings are more consistent than tournaments.


Cash games are the best form of poker in getting higher earnings. However, they require a long-term skill advantage to survive and make more money. Cash games are ideal for experienced players because you can buy in as much as you like and leave whenever you want. Therefore, if you want to make regular money, then cash games provide the ideal game.



There is no right or wrong answer on this question with the choice laying ultimately up to you. It all depends on whether you know how to play the cash games and make the most out of it. The transition from tournaments to cash games is often difficult for many players. While most money is in cash games, the glory of online poker, for instance on poker deposit pulsa, is in tournament play.