Tips for Growing Your Bankroll for Online Poker

Follow a few of these techniques and you’ll build your online poker bankroll faster by making fewer wagering mistakes.


Betting More Aggressively

Start mixing up your passive betting style at the online poker tables with more of an aggressive betting style on sites like agen poker online. The benefits to aggressive betting is that you are going to get players on the fence to fold their hands more often. The weaker players will be afraid to get into a hand with you because you could go all in any second, and the better players simply want easier targets to go after instead of risking playing a maniac.


Pay Attention to Table Limits

Even if you have tried to tighten up your game at the online poker tables, you might be making one glaring mistake that is keeping you from building a steady bankroll. Take a close look at the size of your bankroll compared to the size of the table lint you are playing. Most players are in way over their heads, so when they suffer one bad beat, they are basically broke. Move down to a lower limit table, there is less chance of busting and you get the benefit of weaker players at the table too.


Bluffing With More Frequency

The big difference between your game and that of the best players comes down to bluffing at the online poker tables. The best players realize early on that you can not sit around and wait for premium hands because you might not get action after waiting for several rounds. In that time the blinds are eating away at your chips too. Bluffing at the right time helps you to move your chip stack in the right direction and keeps others from targeting you.


Mix Up Betting Patterns

One of the things you’ll need to do at the online poker tables to turn around your fortune is to mix up your bets more regularly. When you fold the blinds all the time, raise the same hands, and flash your hole cards, you tell the rest of the table how to beat you down the road. Then you make a huge bluff and wonder why you go bust because they call you every time. Start mixing up the plays from aggressive to conservative to keep the table guessing.


Putting Players on Tilt

One of the ways that you can easily scoop more chips at the online poker table is putting others on tilt. To get a player off their game, you just need to get under their skin. To do this, only flash this one person your hole cards as you bluff them off a hand time and time again. The goal here is to get them so enraged that they start making poor decisions, and call a big all-in bet out of frustration while you are holding the nuts that hand.


Focus on these techniques and you’ll see your online poker winnings skyrocket in short order if you stay committed.